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SOS System for Optimal Skin SOS System for Optimal Skin
Personal Stories

Debbie Trueman, New Brunswick:
I've used the same products for over five years, and they were no longer giving me the results that I wanted. So I started looking for something else to help combat skin damage and get rid of some annoying wrinkles that had begun to appear. After using SOS™ for only a matter of days, I started to notice and feel the difference. My skin is a lot softer and cleaner.

I think the whole system is fantastic. My favourite products are the Regenerating C Serum, the Eye Defense Cream and the Rejuvenating Mask, which leaves you with baby soft skin.

Sheri Roles, Edmonton:
I suffer with an aggressive form of hyper-pigmentation, meaning I have brown blotches across my face. This condition can be quite upsetting and often causes people to stare. Someone has actually asked me if I've been burnt. I've tried everything to get rid of the marks; over the counter products, prescription treatments and even visits to a dermatologist. But nothing has come close to solving the problem. Well, that was until I was introduced to SOS™.

I've used the system for several months now and I've been amazed by the results. It has diminished the brown blotches, leaving me with a much more even skin tone, and also helped combat my oily complexion.

The SOS™ system is easy to use, and extremely good value for money and has provided me with a new confidence in my appearance that I haven't had in years. It is nice to finally find something that works.


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